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Let you accept payment online whether using Internet Banking or credit and debit cards.

eCommerce is the electronic commerce system using shopping cart, and online payment gateway. The main goal is to enable the sellers to sell their products online, and also accept payment online. Advanced ICT knowledge is the compulsory thing in order to develop a good eCommerce system. Besides the company must have access to the central bank for the online payment gateway purposes. What can we do to help you? We can help you to design and develop a stable eCommerce system because we have all the requirements for that purpose since year 2015.


A complete set of security and safety tools for data management.

A secure software must be supported by a secure hardware and vice-versa. For example, Microsoft Windows 10.1 can only be installed on a computer with 1GHz processor because the code requires a high speed processor to execute. Otherwise there may be malfunction or data corruption. What can we do to help you? We can help you to suggest the best security and safety solution for your data management. We have been approved for the worldwide server monitoring agent by HostTracker since year 2013.


“Your own brand” custom software for your organisations like stock control, and hotel reservation.

There are lots of on-the-shelf application software in the market but not all of them able to be used for your business. For example, most banks in the world require a custom-built application software to manage user accounts because they need to ensure the highest security level to store that data. What can we do to help you? We can plan and develop a software that suit your business requirements. We have experience in developing lots of web-based application software since year 2005 using Apache + Nginx, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.


Website with modern features that let you manage the contents when needed.

A website with modern features is very important in order to ensure that your messages are successfully delivered to the audience. You have to make sure that your audience can reach, read, and understand the contents written on your website. What can we do to help you? We can help you to develop or integrate a Content Management System (CMS) website, and customize the contents for you. We are familiar with the famous CMS like Joomla and WordPress since year 2005.


Hardware and software maintenance for your organisations.

Maintenance is compulsory for hardware and software in order to ensure that they are working as expected. What can we do to help you? We can help you to maintain your hardware and software as long as they are still functioning. We will suggest other options as the replacement once they are really too old.


Hybrid Cloud computing infrastructure setup, configuration, and management.

Cloud computing infrastructure consists of the clustered computing nodes. The main objective is to provide a High-Availability (HA) computing environment like a “0 % web server downtime”. Hybrid Cloud computing is the mix of on-premise, private Cloud, and third-party. The main purpose is to enhance the service availability once any of the Cloud nodes failed. What can we do to help you? We can help you to plan and develop a good hybrid Cloud computing environment at a low cost. We have been involved with the Red-Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) virtualization deployment, and KVM since year 2013.


Integrate and migrate from outdated version of technology to the latest.

This task refers to the data integration and migration from an outdated software to an updated software, and also among different database products. For example, we do data migration from FoxPro to MariaDB. What can we do to help you? We can help you to retain your data from an outdated database software to the latest release using a custom data migration algorithm. We have working with this job scope since year 2005.


Research and Development (RnD) in ICT.

ICT is growing fast hence we must continuously performing RnD. Our main focus is on the software security because we pay very high attention to the point-to-point data transmission. We also focus on the latest Internet Protocol like IPv6, and HTTP version 2.0. What can we do to help you? We can help you to decide a good technology to use in a specific environment. We consistently perform RnD since early 2005.


Promote and advertise your organisations to the world community.

The most valuable way to advertise your business is by using the Internet. The most successful way is by using Google AdWords because almost all Internet users are using Google as the search engine. We can help you to plan a good advertising strategy. We are working together with Google to serve you better.

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