Who are we?


Islamic ICT service Provider in Malaysia We are an Islamic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider in Malaysia. Our main business goal is to grow well together with you.

Since year 2005 We started our services since year 2005 using AFI PCMASTER NETWORK, and re-branding to Konsortium ICT Pantai Timur since year 2011.

Web Based Application Software Development Our primary service is developing secure application software like online hotel room reservation. We are mostly using Open Source software in order to decrease the product price.

Cloud Computing Virtualization Domain name We also served domain name registration, renewal, transfer, web and email hosting, web pages development, server virtualization, and Cloud Computing application.

Host Tracker SSL certificates Besides we are parts of Host-Tracker for Asia countries. We are also Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate partner that provides A+ Level of HTTPS performance.

FPX Internet Banking Online Payment Exchange ID MyClear (subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia) has awarded FPX exchange ID to us which enable us to accept Internet Banking Online Payment for Malaysia banks.

Google certified company Google Malaysia has invited us to be their partner for the advertising product, that is AdWords. All these tools are currently sufficient to let us achieving our goal easily.

JomPAY your bills easily We are currently able to accept online bill payments from more than 30 banks via JomPAY up to MYR 1,000,000.00 . JomPAY is a national bill payment scheme that allows you to pay your bills quickly and easily via Internet & Mobile Banking or at most banks ATM machines.

Maybank2u Online Bill Payment Malayan Banking Berhad has listed us as one of their biller via Maybank2u Biller which will let us easier to accept online payment. Maybank2u Online Bill Payment is an online bill payment facility that lets you settle bills by debiting your Maybank current / savings account or credit card.

M2uPay is easy and secure Malayan Banking Berhad has also grant us the Maybank2u Pay payee corporation ID which will let us easier to accept online payment. Maybank2u Pay is an online debit payment gateway solution for your business.

We believe that all those achievements are from Allah, our continuous efforts, and your support. Many thank you and appreciation to all those trusted and gave us chances.

Who are you?


We love to help almost all level of people with our strength, capabilities, and experience. Just let us know who you are.


I am a staff at some company / student at some university


Alternative Business

We would like to help you to run online business with the steps below. Click on each step to get more details.

Register and prepare your business.
  1. Decide a name for your business then proceed for the registration at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) at only MYR 70.00 per year.
  2. Open a business bank account that offer Internet Banking facilities. You are suggested to open CIMB Islamic Bank current account with initial deposit of only MYR 1,000.00. We are always ready to be the introducer.
  3. Design your company logo, product and services brochures, and draft your business description to be published.
  4. Create the templates for the billing-related documents like quotation, purchase order (PO), payment voucher, invoice, delivery order (DO), payment receipt, and credit notes. Don’t publish them yet because you will need to include your website and email address soon.
Sell your products and services online.
  1. Decide a name for your Internet Domain Name or online business identity. Most people will choose to have the same name as their business name. For example, Konsortium ICT Pantai Timur has chosen k-ict.org as the Internet identity. All domain name with .com , .net , and .org with 5.0 GB web hosting cost at only MYR 195.00 per year.
  2. Create your email account, download and setup WordPress + WooCommerce for free.
  3. Customize your web pages, provide your business information, upload logo, photos, and provide information for the products and services to sell.
  4. Print business card that contains your company name, logo, address, web site, contact number, and email address.
  5. Update your brochures and billing-related documents by including your website and email address.
  6. Create Facebook page, and Google account for your business for free. Those accounts will help you in free marketing and advertising channel. Don’t forget to activate Google Webmaster, and Google MyBusiness in order to enhance your company visibility over the Internet.
Convince your customers that you are legit and secure business.
  1. Subscribe to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for your website at only MYR 128.00 for the first year, and MYR 80.00 per upcoming years.
  2. Your website will be upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS same as https://www.google.com , and https://www.facebook.com, which are secure and convincing your website visitors.
Accept payment online.
  1. Download Internet Banking Online Payment merchant registration form, fill up your company information, bank account information, sign and stamp. Post a hard-copy to us, and we will verify your form before submitting it to MyClear.
  2. Download K-ICT Payment Gateway plugin for WordPress at https://wordpress.org/plugins/kict-payment-gateway/ and wait till your company registration is successful.
  3. Provide that portal key from K-ICT Payment Gateway into the plugin, and you are now ready to automate Internet Banking Online Payment from your customers.
Advertise online.
  1. Register Google AdWords to let your business ready for 24 hours advertising programme at Google search engine. We suggest that you start your first campaign at MYR 150.00 + MYR 38.00 per month. Just provide us your Google AdWords ID and we will help you to setup the rest.
  2. Don’t also forget to advertise your business via Facebook advertising channel. We suggest that you start your first campaign at MYR 198.00 per month.

Those are all the steps to gain higher income from your alternative business. If you found that they are too technical for you, please let us know. We can setup them all for you started less than MYR 3,000.00 within 7 to 30 business days.


I am a businessman / IT expert


Working Together

We need you to work together with us in order to provide a good business value simultaneously helping others. We can help you / work together with you to;

Simplify transactions report.

We have lots of experience in managing multiple types of payment from clients those are cash, cheque, bank transfer, and online payment. All these transactions can be simply keyed-in to generate an accurate report using computer software.

Provide a safe and secure data infrastructure.

A good business should have a private, safe and secure data infrastructure. It is used to store sensitive, and confidential information such as customer National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), and telephone numbers. This is very important because everybody want their data to be stored in safe and secure medium. (The proof : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Privacy_Day)

Build custom application software.

There are lots of ready-made application software like UBS, and BillQuick, but their features are still unable to fulfil certain business requirements. For example, Giant Hypermarkets are using their own software at the payment terminals while Aeon Jusco uses different software.

Provide maintenance for your software-related stuffs.

ICT is always updated and upgraded with newer features. For example, WhatsApp for Android has been updated to version 2.17.4 on 5 January 2017 since its’ initial release. Upgrade and update are parts of maintenance processes which are used to fix any available bug simultaneously enhancing security features.

Software integration.

Business normally requires more than one software for its’ daily operations. For example, Microsoft Excel is used to record daily sales, and Mozilla Thunderbird is used to manually send those records to the manager. Those processes can be simplified by integrating Microsoft Excel with a custom application software to automate sending-out email when ready. Staff should just need to click on “Create report and email to Manager” button instead of exporting Microsoft Excel file format to PDF, compose new email, and click “Send”.

Advertise your business effectively.

Advertising is compulsory in all businesses because you want to introduce your products and services to the public. You also want to get new clients. We can help you to advertise your products and services effectively since we are a Google certified company for AdWords Search and Analytics.

Everyone was born with their own unique strength. We love to share our strength with you, and we hope that you can also share your strength with us. We should work together and build a stronger consortium simultaneously lead to success in the current and future world!

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