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Google AdWords is the reliable online advertising service.

Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords spend RM50 and get RM150

Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users. Nowadays it has become one of the most important tools for your business to grow well. Why? Because almost every Internet users are searching everything through Google Search. You may also reaching here from Google search results, right?

Advertising with Google AdWords is easy. What you need is your daily budget allocation, keywords those are related to your business, products, or services, target audience, and information to advertise. You can decide how long to run your campaign, schedule your ads on specific time, and set the keyword-bid to compete other advertisers for similar things. You can manage all them using the built-in tools like Keyword Planner, Display Planner, and Audience Manager.

AdWords offer you a wide network including Google search, Youtube, and other sites (those are participating in Google AdSense programme). This capability will let you reach wide audience over the globe. However you can manage and decide your specific target audience based on your business coverage. For example, you are only serving customers in your city within Monday to Friday from 8 am till 10 pm. So you can schedule your ads within that time to be shown to people only in your city.

Google AdWords sometimes offer you special promotions. The current promotion is ‘Spend RM50 and get RM150 Ad Credit‘ and is eligible once per advertiser. This is a good chance for you to start advertising and grab this promotion now.

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AdWords Superhero!

AdWords Fundamentals Certificate
AdWords Search Certificate

Everyone needs superhero! Google has no exceptions on this matter. That’s why there are list of AdWords Certified Companies those will assist them to help you. How? They require those companies to pass examinations and start helping anybody that wish to advertise online. We are one of the AdWords Certified Companies that is ready to help you advertise your business effectively.

There are no problems for you to setup Google AdWords on your own, but are you really sure that your ads will reach the right audience? You can learn from the AdWords dashboard but how long will you spend for that? The most important thing is ‘The experience’ in managing ads in AdWords. Let us help you to achieve your advertising goal at only RM50.00 per month (this is our operation cost and excluded from your ads credit. Your ads credit are subject to your keyword popularity and bid competition). We will help you to plan for your campaign, and manage your ads to reach your target audience.

Start advertising in the simplest way

Step 1 : List down keywords

Step 1

List down the keywords those people will use to find your business, products, or services. Eg; You are a hotel manager at Perhentian Island and would like to advertise your hotel. Your keywords should be “perhentian island” and “budget hotel” since people will normally search something like “budget hotel in perhentian island”. The Keyword Planner (AdWords Tools) will then suggest you groups of the most suitable keywords to use based on the previous search statistic.

Step 2 : Draft your ads graphics

Step 2

Draft the images or videos for your ads. Don’t worry about the resolution and size because AdWords has Responsive Ads and Dynamic Ads that able to suit your images. Design a simple banner that is easy to understand, able to attract people, and lead them to reach you. AdWords will then suggest you the placements through the Display Planner. Yours ads can be placed on Youtube, mobile apps, or other sites those are listed in the partner network.

Step 3 : Define your target audience

Step 3

Define your target audience including the interest, location, age, and gender. You may wish to exclude some people by listing them in the exclusion list. Eg; You want to display your ads to people in Malaysia, but not in Pulau Pinang state. So you can list Pulau Pinang state in the excluded location and your ads will be displayed only to the right audience. You can manage them later in the Audience Manager. Besides you can define the bid based on the device. Eg; Bid 25% more for your ads on mobile devices than laptop.

Step 4 : Create and start your campaign

The last step

Put all them in the AdWords, create your campaign, ad group, and start advertising! The AdWords spcialists will check your ads and decide whether to approve or not. Once your ads are eligble and start showing, you can view the reports in the next hours. Otherwise they will mention the reason and suggest you to improve your ads. Your ads may be disapproved if having low quality score. Google will always suggest the best criteria for your ads in order to make sure that your goal can be achieved.


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Spend RM50 and get RM150 in ads credit application form

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