KICT Payment Gateway (KPay)

KICT Payment Gateway (KPay)

What is KPay?

KICT Payment Gateway (KPay)

KPay is an online payment solution provided by KICT for online sellers to accept online payment from their buyers. It is currently supporting FPX Internet Banking for both current and saving account (CASA). Buyers need only their Internet Banking accounts to make payments whenever they shop at online stores or websites. KPay will always ensure the security and safety of the transmitted information during the payment process in order to prevent from unintended problems.

Besides KPay supports commonly used shopping carts including WooCommerce, HikaShop, and OpenCart. The sellers can easily sell and accept payment online without having IT technical or programming knowledge. Just download, install, activate, provide KPay seller information, and you are done!

Let’s try! Why KPay?

Why KPay?

Multiple online selling channels

Multiple Online Channels

Sell using any online channel to let your buyers pay using laptop, smartphone, or tablet easily.

Touch and Pay

Touch and Pay

Touch and pay without providing seller bank account number using the laptop, smartphone, or tablet in secure environment.

Email notification for both seller and buyer

Auto Notifications

Both seller and buyer will receive transaction notification via email after every online payment made hence the buyer does not need to send the payment proof to the seller.

No sales performance contract

No Monthly Sales Requirement

There is no sales performance contract and no minimum monthly sales requirement for your business.

Low registration and annual fee

Low Cost

We offer a lower registration and annual fee for you compared to other providers.

No minimum amount for payout

No Minimum Payout Limit

There is no minimum limit for us to proceed paying out to your bank account during the scheduled payout time.

Instantly Credited

Instant Payment To Your Bank Account

You will instantly receive payment from your buyers directly to your bank account as long as having sufficient prepaid amount (Eligible if you have CIMB Bank Account).

Display your company name to your seller

Your Own Brand

Display your company name to your buyer during the online payment progress and in their bank statement.

Flat rate per successful transaction fee

Flat Rate Fee

We a charging you a flat rate fee for every successful transaction made by your buyers instead of percentage to help you decrease your cost.

Custom online selling channel and reports

Multiple E-Shop

Let you compare your sales performance for each online selling channel you have and get custom reports.

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