This is a payment method for your HikaShop. If you are an online seller in Malaysia, and wish to accept online payment via Malaysia banks by using "Touch and Pay" concept, then you are eligible to use this plugin.

This plugin will help you and your customers to complete an online transaction as easy as "123". Why?


  • Your customers just click on the "Checkout" button.
  • They fill in their shipping address.
  • They choose and login to the desired Internet Banking.
  • They do not need to provide your bank account number.
  • They will provide authentication (normally called as TAC) to the Internet Banking.
  • They will receive transaction receipt.

Then what about you?

  • You can accept payment from more than 15 Malaysia banks.
  • You do not need to create invoice, and payment receipt.
  • You do not need to check with your bank every time your customers make payment.
  • You will receive email on new orders, and transaction results.
  • You can just login to the payment gateway portal to view the transactions report.

Let's see the standard flow of Internet Banking Online Payment below;

Internet Banking Online Payment make your shoppers happy

Now, let's test this plugin by adding products to the cart.

Please be informed that this demo site is using the real environment. You should provide your valid email address to see the contents of the transaction notification. Please stop at the Internet Banking TAC request page, and cancel the transaction. Otherwise your account will be deducted and we will unable to refund your payment. We will consider any successful payment made through this demo site as your donation to this plugin development. We do appreciate and thank you for your support.

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